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Free-To-Play Anime-Based Online Game, with a purpose to give you the best gaming experience by the amazing artworks, flawless visual effects and animations

Game Info Instances Elite Instances
Character Intro Wilderness Adventure in Pirate
Battle System Forest World Martial Arts Tournament 1
Attributes Town World Martial Arts Tournament 2
Daily Events Desert Red Ribbon Garrison
Vip An Odd Place Red Ribbon Garrison 2
Tavern Turtle House Red Ribbon HQ (Elite)
Arena Pirate's Cave Uranai Baba's Ring
Equipment Penguin Village World Martial Arts Tournament 3
House South City Downtown King Piccolo
Scroll WMAT Preliminaries Ground Loai
Energy WMAT Final Ground
Social East City Outskirts
Dungeons Jingle Village
Item Mall Mazir Tower
Shenron Wish The Land Of Korin
Red Ribbon HQ
Uranai Baba's Palace
The 22nd WMAT Preliminaries Ground
The 22nd WMAT Final Ground
Outskirts Forest
King Furry's Castle
The 23rd WMAT Preliminaries Ground
The 23rd WMAT Final Ground
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